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Why Southern Delaware?


If you are in the market for an investment property, a second home, or to relocate entirely, Sussex County, Delaware is the perfect choice for you. At its widest point, the largest county in the First State is just 35 miles long. Imagine that; never being more than 35 miles away from Delaware’s famously pristine coastlines! Along the coast, you’ll find quaint resort towns, each with their own unique charm while Western Sussex is the hub of Delaware’s agricultural industry, full of open spaces and natural beauty. Take your pick! Your choices are endless.


No matter where you end up in Sussex County, Delaware, you’ll soon feel an incredible sense of community. Residents in each of the 26 towns take pride in their home and in their small-town relationships. You’ll sense a great deal of loyalty and passion regarding growth, maintenance, and culture. On the flipside of the quaint and quiet towns, Sussex County also offers a vibrant art and restaurant scene, most of which is concentrated in the seaside resort towns. Whether you’re taking advantage of a second home or relocating full time, you’ll look forward to the pleasantly quiet, yet eclectic and abundant lifestyle that Sussex County offers.


Sussex County is within three hours of major metropolitan areas in the northeast; Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. Embark on a seamless day trip, or spend a weekend getting your big-city fix with the comfort of knowing you’ll unwind and inhale fresh ocean air when you return home to Sussex County.


Sussex County is continually expanding and improving the accessibility of public parks and trails for recreational use. Jog, bike, or both on the miles of trails that squirm through the picturesque wetlands. Take advantage of the expansive coastlines for your morning walks or for a serene yoga session under the sun. Not to mention all the water sports that will burn a calorie or two! Kayak, fish, paddle board, jet ski, water ski, surf, skim board, try it all! The unique landscape offers endless, fun filled ways to stay active and healthy year round!


The state of Delaware has astoundingly low property taxes, far below those of most other states. While Sussex County is quite near to major mid-Atlantic cities, Delaware homeowners have the benefit of saving thousands in property taxes each year. Additionally, local property tax is extremely low and there is no state property tax or inheritance tax. Check out some of the figures:

• State income tax covers six brackets and ranges from 2.2%-6.6%

• Up to $12,500 of retirement income is tax exempt for those who are 60 and older

• Homeowners 65 years and older receive a credit equal to half of the school property taxes

Need more incentive? Personal income taxes in Delaware have been significantly reduced for persons of all income levels, and there has never been a general sales or inventory tax. Delaware is truly a state for the people!

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